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iPhone iOS - Setup Tutorial

System: iOS 9 or higher


Device: iPhone / iPad


Requirements: Safari browser to view the tutorial

Step 1:Click - APP Store

Step 2:Click on - the avatar icon in the upper right corner

Step 3:Scroll down and click - Sign Out to sign inSign out of your current Apple ID


Note: Copy the Apple ID account and password to enter

第4步:Enter  ID , click - LoginApple ID:Visible after purchasing service passwordVisible after purchasing service

Note:If prompted for ID lock, wait 15 minutes before logging in!


Note:If prompted - Apple ID security,first click - Other Options,then click - No Upgrade, if not prompted, please ignore!

Step 5:Click the link below to install the APP


Step 6:Click on the icon - Install,after installation,return to the website to watch the tutorial


Step 7:In the tutorial, click on the [One Click Import Subscription] button in the picture below




Note:Please open with Safari browser, otherwise it will fail!




Step 8:In the prompt box, click - Open,Import - Server Node Subscriptions

Note:If the import fails, please restart your phone and import again!

Step 9:Select - Server Node,click - Connect button,select - Configuration Mode,and connect to use


Click -Allow,if not prompted,please ignore!

If you are prompted for a password or fingerprint, please enter it!

Step 10:It shows that the connection is successful and it is ready to use

Note:After successful setup, follow steps 1-4 and log in your ID again


If it doesn't work, please change to another node to use it!



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